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Quick steps tutorial of LipRouter

Live Demo The 4G Bonding Router >>>>LIPROUTER

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4 hour live stream with no dropped frames with YBP and bonded Liprouter attached to IKAN director's cage with Centrance mixer, AVX Mics, 2 hdmi transmitters and an attached Osbot camera along a 4K camera and Lumix G9. Streamed to my rtmp website. Everythimng was just Irie.
From Dreamy Riley - United States

Did very well consistent and no drop frames.
LipRouter gave me 56Mbps upload from my 4 connections, no dropped frames and constant streaming for 4 hours. Have been putting this on facebook and getting great feedback from my groups. This item is a must for streamers.
From Dreamy Riley - United States
We are now streaming with highspeed and and no breaks with multiple modems!!! 
From Alvin ET - Freetown Sierra Leone!
Great work LipRouter and the StarWave team.
From Alvin ET - Freetown Sierra Leone!

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