Telecom data bonding and transmission application communication

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Use LipRouter to connect your device to the network

Whether it’s live streaming, broadcast and television transmission, emergency communications, temporary office and other scenarios

LipRouter is the most economical and reliable network access and security solution.


Radio & Television Transmission



Emergency Communication

Provides reliable mobile network connectivity at any location
In the major emergencies, time is always very limited. Timely and effective rescue can be achieved with LipRouter and network in mobile environment. Network security and rapid deployment, such as mobile command vehicles, temporary command center etc.      


Live Streaming

Resolves live network problems and ensures strong signal strength

In a crowded environment such as concerts and large conferences, 4G signals tend to be weak and the connection is unstable. In the absence of wired broadband, the cost of a private network is extremely high, and LipRouter super strong base station connection (smart network) can ensure network connectivity.      


Outdoor poor mobile network

Establishes a stable network environment at outdoor to overcome poor network problem

The LipRouter has the bandwidth of multiple Internet links, supports the simultaneous insertion of SIM cards from different operators, reduces the mobile network blind zone, improves the download network bandwidth of the mobile environment through the bonding network, and provides a stable communication environment in an outdoor weak network environment.   



Temporary office

Meets office network wherever wired broadband cannot be reached

Generally, ordinary routers at home are bound to wired broadband, and the LipRouter can achieve seamless connection between wireless network and wired broadband. The signal coverage is wide, the penetration is strong, and the connectivity is stable, ensuring a smooth network connection. Achieve mobile network sharing anytime, anywhere, such as construction sites and outdoor activities. 



Video Conference

Makes a stable and seamless video conference anywhere
The domestic network environment is relatively complicated, and there are too many public network users for video conferencing, resulting in insufficient bandwidth allocation. The connected devices include audio, video screen input, video screen output and network transmission. The LipRouter works along with video terminal and simultaneously processes the audio and video signals received from the transmission line to achieve a smooth connection.