Full Protocol and Full Link Super Large Bandwidth Overlay

8 link stacks instead of one master and several backups

LipRouter has 7 x 4G multi-sim and 1 Ethernet wired (Gigabit) composite link aggregation and it supports the simultaneous insertion of SIM cards of different operators and superimposes bandwidth to ensure the stability and reliability of high-speed transmission in a weak network environment which can optimally reduce the latency guarantee data.

Kernel-level development based on the transmission layer, multi-protocol transmission support

Kernel-level development based on the multi-protocol transmission layer support

UDP/TCP layer aggregation algorithm application

Most aggregation algorithms are implemented at the application layer. According to the design requirements of the device, the algorithm is implemented under the framework of the application layer decomposition protocol. Data decomposition, forwarding, and combine are inefficient, and the bandwidth overlap effect is limited; LipRouter realizes the multi-path aggregation algorithm at the transmission layer. Run in the kernel mode, fully support the application layer protocol, ensure the most efficient bonding effect, and have a wider range of applications.

Network congestion and distorted fluctuations no longer exist

Congestion detection and unpacking optimization

Automatic detection, fast frequency scanning, optimal channel selection, the optimal transmission channel and data ratio scheme are selected by the algorithm. Responsive data transmission and link usage. The proportion of data packets is allocated according to the quality of the link. Plugging and unplugging the network anytime can also ensure the optimal transmission quality.

Dedicated Server Line That Can Be Deployed Anytime, Anywhere 

Video backhaul, public network IP, large bandwidth

LipRouter provides public network IP for your intranet server through the bonding server IP mapping, so you can use TVU / LiveU / 4G encoder and other devices to implement remote or remote video postback functions. You can even build your own dedicated 3A computer room in your home.

Wide voltage, dual power supply redundant power supply

No fear of power failure, switch power without power

Wide voltage dual power input design, you can use on-site power supply or power bank; dynamic wide voltage power supply, redundant power supply mechanism design, double safety guarantee.

Dual power supply redundant power supply

1) DC Power Supply

2) Powerbank

Both with Pole-tap DC Cable, able connect with 5.5/2.5mm pole-tap output power source. Seamless switching, one of the port can be removed anytime. 

Reference model of powerbank:  Volessence 50000mAh Laptop Power Bank 12V

What You See Is What You Get For Operation Experience

No computer connection required, real-time monitoring and setting

LipRouter has a built-in 5-inch capacitive touch screen, which can monitor all of the link transmission speeds, account traffic, and other information in real time; and can perform all settings for the network and WIFI on the device, without having to connect a computer to log in to the management page.


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