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*Stable and Quality Network Hotspot
*Super-Fast Connection
*Super Large Bandwidth 
*Secured for transmission of confidential data

LipRouter support up to 7 x 4G/5G and 1 Gigabit Ethernet Connection, its able supports the simultaneous insertion of SIM cards of different operators and superimposes bandwidth to ensure the stability and reliability of high-speed transmission in a weak network environment which can optimally reduce the latency guarantee data.

Click to view introduction of LipRouter

Things to prepared before using LipRouter:

1. Local Sim card (up to 7x4G)

2. Dongles (purchased from us or self prepared)

*Recomended Dongle model:
 -Huawei E3372H  -Huawei E8372

5G Model of dongles: -Huawei E6878-370 5G

3. Additional bonding data max 2TB - you can scan qr code on device to topup bonding data for our bonding server

  • US$10   Router Flow 30GB (valid for 7days)
  • US$199 Router Flow 1TB (valid for 1year)*40% OFF
  • US$349 Router Flow 2TB (valid for 1year)*50% OFF

*You can also setup own server kindly scan the qr code and submit your order, it will be an additional charges for one-time setup and bonding server fees.

Optional: Rerefence model of powerbank - Volessence 50000mAh Laptop Power Bank 5/8.4/9/12/16/20V 

 >>>Click to more demo videos and customer reviews<<<